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Manifestation + Success Through the 12 Immutable Universal Laws

Did you know that there are 12 laws that are guiding the manifesting process?


Most people only know of one–the Law of Attraction.


Unfortunately, only knowing one of the 12 laws is why most people give up way too soon on the manifestation process. They forget that there is a lot more going on in the Universe than just simply “like attracts like.”


In this masterclass, I will explain each of the laws in detail AND share with you exactly how to apply all 12 so that you can see the success you deserve.

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The Fierce Mindset

30 Day Challenge


Create The Fierce Mindset & Body In Just 30 Days!

Improve your mental and physical health by following the 7 pillars of the challenge every day for the 30 days.

Whether you are looking to break free from your bad habits, get a fresh start, or simply kick off 2021 the right way, this challenge will get you there.

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