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My Story...

"Growing up, I spent most of my childhood living
in my own world of dreams and imagination."

Get to know Mila and the story behind

Manifestor's Way

Mila Simic is the creator of The Manifestor's Way.

She created this brand for women who are obsessed with taking their life to the next level, to find their happiness within, to connect to who they truly are, uncover  their desires, take steps towards their goals, achieve their dreams, bust limiting beliefs and remove any limitations and barriers in their mindset.

Her purpose has grown way beyond just changing her life. Through her popular digital courses, group and 1:1 coaching, and her daily free inspirational content, meditations, and trainings distributed across her social media channels, Mila empowers women to find the place inside of them where everything is possible and simplify manifestation and LOA to help women achieve all their dreams!

Since starting Facebook group The Manifestor's Way, she is building a coaching empire, motivating and inspiring women that they have a unique gift to share with the world too. 

Want to know how it all started for me?

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Your success is inevitable and you are always on the right path. There is more out there for you and you've barely scratched the surface.
To Your inevitable success,
Mila Simic

This is how it all started for me...

When I was 22 years old (in 2007), a friend of mine

handed me a DVD. It was called "The Secret" and it was the first time I heard the word 'manifestion' and I started using this word on daily basis since then. This documentary has totally changed my life, I started applying the Law Of Attraction in my life and it became a part of me. It was a new lifestyle.


          I was born in Ex Yugoslavia, in the place based in Serbia and I lived with my mother and brother.

After discovering The Secret and learning about how to

manifest for the first time, I realized I didn't have anything to put in. I could be myself and change my reality just by changing the way I think (my thoughts), how I feel (emotions and feelings)  and what I believe (my beliefs and limitations).

For the first time in my life, I started to look into my future rather than my past and current life. With these new insights, I

began making some amazing improvements in my life. As a result, I started to attract more positive experiences, more positive outcomes, as I kept reading, learning, studying, applying and practicing daily.​​

That same year 2007 I joined to the MLM company and we had a seminar coming up.

It was happening in  Belgrade. I lived 200 km away from Belgrade but still my first thought was  'how am I going to pay for this trip?' I really wanted to go. I was scared what will my team think of me if I didn't go. I was ashamed of being poor.


Few weeks later, we received an email from our cousins in Australia. Mum's uncle lived there and wanted to let us know that he is coming with his family to Serbia to see his home where he was born. They wanted to stay at the hotel but we offered them a place to stay for as long as they were visiting. My first thought was disheartening. I felt ashamed of my home as it is old and poor looking, it needed lots of work on it. But, I pretended I didn't care, just because of my mum knowing how much she would love to see her uncle. They arrived. Mum's uncle Miomir and his daughter Miriam, son-in-law Murray and granddaughter Loren. 

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I didn't speak good English at all. It was shocking actually. We managed to communicate and uncle Miomir was our translator. It was the best year of my life! I showed them all where we live what we do, where I work. Miriam and I went to Belgrade to my seminar and this is where all started for me. I wasn't a sales person and I didn't know how to sell anything to anyone, but I was watching these inspirational speakers on the stage, teaching us about our mindset and how powerful our mind is.

This is when I knew that I want to be a life teacher,
a mindset coach and
a humble servant to others.​


Miriam paid for the trip to Belgrade, paid for the book 'Eat that frog' by Brian Tracy and some products that I needed for healing my kidneys (this was an aloe vera MLM). I couldn't believe that this was happening. I couldn't thank her

enough. I was so humbled by her act of kindness.

This is possibly the main reason why I do what I do now and where I live at the moment. I am forever grateful to  Miriam and the family for all that they have done and still doing for me and my family. 

Fast forward, I had an awakening at a Dr. John Demartini's personal growth seminar, the Breakthrough Experience. I finally decided to unleash this little Mila out of her box. I felt my higher self speaking to me.


The voice was clearly saying: "Mila you are designed for

so much more. You are magnificent. Stop doing what others are telling you to do.

Start fulfilling your own dreams and passion. Now go!"

For so many years I was listening to my family saying 'you are good at music, you should go to music school,' I went and I played a violin for over 6 years,  'you are good at dancing' I went ballet, 'you are good with children you should be a teacher,' so I did my teaching qualifications.


I never stopped. I just followed others what they thought was good for me. It was time to stop all that and start listening to my own intuition and follow my passions.


In 2009, I decided that I no longer want to do what everyone else wanted me to do.

I lived in my cousin's house. I studied, I didn't have a proper income, only cash in hand babysitting other people's children. I didn't know many people except at the tafe...


I had this conversation in 'my' bedroom and I realized that The Universe gave me the best opportunity to test all that I knew.

If I could manifest my way out of my cousin's house -then I can help others accomplish anything.

I decided that I would have the BEST comeback and success story of anyone else that I knew. It was an ultimate test I needed to prove to myself once and for all, that manifestation was absolutely real.

That day I decided to make a plan for the next 12 months. The plan was to live every single day as if my dreams were inevitable.

I would go for my biggest goals and dreams as if I absolutely could not fail. I would develop the ultimate success mindset and ignore that fact that I had no money in my bank account and slept under someone else's roof. If by the end of the year I succeeded, then I would continue the game for the rest of my life.

If I had failed, well, I was already at my lowest point. I would stop playing the game and stay in my cousin's house forever. That week I started making a vision board in my A4 notebook. I was still uncertain what will others say about it so I kept it as a journal. I cut out all these amazing things I wanted to have, places I wanted to go and people that I wanted to meet.

As I started to le-learn what I learned at the age of 22, I needed a place to capture my thoughts, inspirational and motivational quotes, my breakthroughs and my aha moments while inspiring myself and others. I started to manifest more of the things that I desired in my life.


I wanted to share my knowledge with everybody and tell

them that we can have, be and do whatever we want and dream of. So I started thinking how can I serve other women and teach them my most powerful mindset and manifestation tricks.

    I decided to open up a group on FB and I called it

'THE MANIFESTOR'S WAY' this was a place for me to hold myself accountable to this new plan. 

I started sharing with the community in this group

everything that I was learning and all my experiences. The response from these beautiful souls was remarkable as all these women started relating to me, noticed how genuine I am. They wanted more information and so I developed digital courses, group coaching, 1:1 coaching. I built The Manifestor's Way, Mila from scratch to a personal development company.


All this happened because I got out of my cousins house, fell in love, moved in with my boyfriend, traveled with him, got married, have two beautiful, healthy, the happiest children Miley and Michael, and manifested every single thing that I have ever wanted in my life.


Now I get to wake up every morning and ask myself the question, "What else is out there for me?" Even with all of my successes, I know just how truly limitless our lives are.


The answer is "so much more".

Now my purpose has grown way
beyond just changing my life.

I truly believe I was put here on the Earth to make it a better place, and make a massive difference and remind others of their infinite potential.

The Manifestor's Way is helping women across the globe to see massive success in their lives too. It's a blessing to get to wake up each morning and witness the lives of others radically transform just by applying the spiritual principles that I teach in my courses, masterclasses, and books.

Now that you're here and you've gotten to know a bit more about me, I'm excited to hear more about you. Whether you start with my podcast or jump right into one of my programs and masterclasses, I can't wait to witness your incredible potentials and success story too.

If there's one thing I can leave you with before we get started it's this:

Your success is inevitable and you are always on the right path. There is more out there for you and you’ve just barely scratched the surface.

To your inevitable success,

Mila Simic