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Ready to start Manifesting your

true desires into reality?

What is....


Man~i·~fes·~ta·~tion (noun):

The phenomenon that occurs when something that was once a part of your imagination becomes actualised into your physical reality.

*A regular occurrence when working with Mila Simic

Welcome Beautiful Soul!

My name is Mila Simic and I am SO excited to have you stumble into the world of Manifestation.

Whether you are well-versed in the world of manifesting your dream life or you are hearing the word “manifest” for the very first time, I promise we’re going to have an amazing time together.

I’m a huge believer that you really can have, be and do ANYTHING that your heart desires. I believe it because I am helping empowering women and men transform their own lives and because I’ve manifested my current reality as well. Because you are here and you’re reading this, I know you are READY to destroy the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and take massive action in the direction of your dreams and success.


It’s time to gain the clarity and the confidence you need to charge through life as if your

success is already inevitable.

Because it is!!!

You were put on this planet to create, to be inspired, to inspire others, and to do whatever your heart wants and whatever fulfils you. Whatever box society tried to fit you into gets crushed right here, right now. There is so much more out there for you and you haven't even scratched the surface.


Get ready to have the time of your life and gather all the tools, strategies, and techniques to radically up level your life.

Ready to unlock those superpowers and get to manifesting?

Mila's Mission

My mission is to transform the lives of ambitious and empowered women like you who are ready to manifest radiant happiness and health, epic wealth, and radical self love!


We will dig deep, and do the real inner work, so we can RISE UP to our fullest potential, and create lives we LOVE!


Are you done with dimming your light, and NOT living the life you always dreamed of? Enough is enough! 


If you're ready for massive change, breakthroughs, and to answer the call of your SOUL- my friend, you're in the right place.

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Thrilled to offer


The 21 Day Affirmation Challenge. 

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